Gulf Stream

Go with the flow. It’s often easier said than done. Earth’s oceans flow at the direction of mighty currents. The Gulf Stream brings water from the Gulf of Mexico to the Norwegian Sea. It has been estimated that capturing just 1/1,000th of the available energy from the Gulf Stream, which has 21,000 times more energy than Niagara Falls in a flow of water that is 50 times the total flow of all the world’s freshwater rivers, would supply Florida with 35% of its electrical needs. Unnoticed by most people, it warms the ocean, carries nutrients and tempers climate along thousands of miles of coast line.

The Holy Spirit moves in a similarly unseen manner. Guiding and protecting those who are open to feeling its power in their lives. Those who stay focused on the Spirit are a part of that massive, unequivocally powerful force in this world that brings warmth to all that is cold and melts all that is hard.

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