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How hard is it raining?

If you are filled with the Spirit, or your church is filled with the Spirit, you honor what God stands for. Switching our thinking from scarcity to abundance gives us the potential to do extraordinary things.

I Love You to the Moon and Back

If our spiritual gifts do not flow from love then they are not gifts at all. For Paul, if you are not serving God with love, because of love, out of love, from a position of love, then what you offer is zero. Paul… Continue Reading “I Love You to the Moon and Back”

The Body Keeps the Score

“I’m fine,” we politely lie hoping our childhood scars stay hidden. But, the body keeps the score. Let’s offer encouragement instead of judgment to people in pain. Let’s welcome people who need help because it is what God does for us. Each of us… Continue Reading “The Body Keeps the Score”

Sometimes I Feel Lost

“The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” gives comfort to thousands struggling with everything from job loss to cancer. See how this bestselling book mirrors the strength, encouragement and consolation that are always near with God.

Atomic Habits

Need a new you? James Clear says a 1% change in what you’re doing now can be huge. Helpful little habits are the building blocks of a new identity. Watch the video to find out how atomic habits can change your world.

Green Lights

Hitting a bunch of green lights all in a row is #919 on the list of awesome things. It’s like having things go your way in life. But everybody hits a red light now and then and it’s way worse when they’re self-inflicted. It’s… Continue Reading “Green Lights”

The 4 Agreements

There are a lot of elements in our lives we don’t choose or control. Somebody else sets the rules you must follow. Maybe it’s time to break some rules.

What now?

Jesus is risen indeed, but what do we do now? We are Easter people. We are called to push down fear and love our neighbors. A Christ follower overcomes the divide, crawls out from behind the bunker and welcomes the lost, afraid, and hopeless. We… Continue Reading “What now?”

Worship and Celebration

Worship is our response to God’s love. You can’t fake it — you have to feel it. Have you ever noticed how many churches expect NO displays of joy in worship? I’m not talking about fake “hallelujahs” or empty “praise Gods.” I mean real… Continue Reading “Worship and Celebration”

Fasting and Study

I once thought exactly like a lot of people do. I thought church was boring, I thought theBible was dull, and I thought being a Christian was ho-hum. But then I discovered scholars who made sense of these things. I discovered people with deep… Continue Reading “Fasting and Study”