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If God is calling you to something big, He will see it through.  He will give you what you need.  He will lift you up when you need lifting.  It’s more likely that God is calling you to a whole lot of small installments… Continue Reading “Affirmationomics”

Dream Killer

Uncertainty makes your brain amp up anxiety and fear. You may feel depressed, angry or doubtful. That happened to the Israelites being chased by Pharoah’s army. They were pushed to the edge of the Red Sea and afraid to go forward. Some people will… Continue Reading “Dream Killer”

Hello darkness, my old friend

How good is your night vision? Are you bringing light into a dark world? Are you brave enough to put on the armor of light and love the neighbor you fear?


Millions believe they know what God wants. Religion will separate you from God if it tells you to only pray a certain way. Instead, show justice, mercy, kindness and love. These things endure.

light in the cage

The unknown is dark and scary. It’s easier to stay in your cage and not risk what might be out there in the unknown. Then God’s light bursts into your cage — and everything changes.

Gulf Stream

Go with the flow. It’s often easier said than done. Earth’s oceans flow at the direction of mighty currents. The Gulf Stream brings water from the Gulf of Mexico to the Norwegian Sea. It has been estimated that capturing just 1/1,000th of the available… Continue Reading “Gulf Stream”


Banished. Driven from your home. Exiled. Pastor Mike talks about the feelings of exile we share during the COVID pandemic and reminds us that God is always present.

A Colorful Story

Church historian Suzy Boatner tells a few of the stories behind our stained glass windows.

What will people say at your funeral?

Did people see God’s grace and love in the way you lived your life? Imagine what will be remembered.

Finding true north

If you feel lost, better check your compass. You might be heading the wrong direction. Follow true north to find the Kingdom of Heaven.