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The Potter’s Hand

This memorable worship song by Australia’s Hillsongs Music underscores our commitment to the Potter who shapes all our lives. Written by Darlene Zschech and sung by Tennison’s chancel choir.

Everything she had

Are you living a life that matters? All it takes is everything you’ve got.

Hey, y’all. We’re finally here!

Rev. Tommy Earl Burton and wife Laura are ready to start their ministry in Mt. Pleasant and Tennison Memorial UMC is blessed to have them here. Watch his “Howdy!” video.

I feel doubt

Your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them. Don’t dwell on the past because God is doing something new in your life.

I’m afraid of change

We organize our lives around our kids, our jobs, our marriage. But when those things change, it can be scary. Changes can seem like giant mountains to us in times like these. Nothing feels safe.

I feel discouraged

Discouragement is tough. We might even say that any true follower of Christ must eventually face AND overcome discouragement. There are times when it feels like Jesus is nowhere to be found. We need to see that we are not alone. Discouragement means we… Continue Reading “I feel discouraged”

I feel like a failure

Failure does not rule over us. Every person belongs to God. He created us. He cares for us. He calls us by name. Say goodbye to your old life and become something greater than yourself.

I feel lonely

God is in our lonely places. Remember Jacob? “God you were in this place, but I never knew.” If you and I care enough to help and heal our neighbors, we will see our own help and healing, too.

I feel angry

“Anger is the master that keeps us out of the world of others by locking us within ourselves.” – William Willimon Anger will not let you have peace. God will.

I feel hopeless

Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present.