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Millions believe they know what God wants. Religion will separate you from God if it tells you to only pray a certain way. Instead, show justice, mercy, kindness and love. These things endure.

light in the cage

The unknown is dark and scary. It’s easier to stay in your cage and not risk what might be out there in the unknown. Then God’s light bursts into your cage — and everything changes.

Gulf Stream

Go with the flow. It’s often easier said than done. Earth’s oceans flow at the direction of mighty currents. The Gulf Stream brings water from the Gulf of Mexico to the Norwegian Sea. It has been estimated that capturing just 1/1,000th of the available… Continue Reading “Gulf Stream”


Banished. Driven from your home. Exiled. Pastor Mike talks about the feelings of exile we share during the COVID pandemic and reminds us that God is always present.

What will people say at your funeral?

Did people see God’s grace and love in the way you lived your life? Imagine what will be remembered.

Finding true north

If you feel lost, better check your compass. You might be heading the wrong direction. Follow true north to find the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sacred Selfie

93 million selfies are taken each day, but what do they reveal? Do you see only the polished surface or the real diamond inside?


Where will you be? Still clinging to a ledge in fear. Or living in the Spirit?

Reading Signs at 90 mph

Are you rushing through life too fast to read God’s signs? If you keep on going the way you are, you may miss the road to your future.

Why Am I Afraid to Dance?

We cannot sit in a chair sipping punch watching others dance. Christianity is not a passive endeavor. Be the church. Get on the dancefloor!