Dear Family,

We miss you this Thanksgiving. We miss our favorite recipes, family stories, weird relatives and big hugs. We wish you were here!

We serve our community.

Tennison UMC is a church full of loving, helping, caring servants to the Mount Pleasant community.

We help children.

From sewing and singing to reading and math, we love to teach children. We help them learn life skills like compassion for others and taking turns. We take care of their basic needs like having food to eat and a safe place to play. This is a church that loves all God’s children.

We build ramps.

Imagine being stuck inside your house. Not just for a few months during the pandemic, but for years. That happens to many people when they can no longer use the steep steps outside their own front door. Our volunteers have built 30 ramps in the last 18 months bringing hope and freedom to those who were trapped. That’s why we build ramps.

Hope Is Like Your Car Keys

Where did you leave it? When is the last time you saw it? Hope can be misplaced just like your keys, but it is much too valuable to lose. Dig around a little bit and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Merit Badges

How will you get your stamp of God’s approval — your Christian merit badge? Tithing, volunteering and good behavior aren’t enough. Showing unconditional love is the risk we must take to be the church in the world.

Darn Rosebay Willowherb!

Even a beautiful plant can be a noxious, invasive weed. When we see them, we want to pull them up. But Jesus taught a confusing parable saying to leave the weeds mixed in with the wheat in the field. Why would anyone do that?

Those Blessings Look Great on You

We all need God’s grace. When we loosen our grip on self-confidence, self-importance and self-righteousness our hands are open to reach humbly toward God.

Beauty from Ashes

God is in the business of making all things new. Even when life is in ruins, you can trust His promise that beauty will come from the ashes.


You don’t have to hide in the rocks like Moses did to see God. In fact, you don’t have to look for God because He’s not far away. God is always near.