Sermon: To an Agnostic God

See God’s light with our Praise Band and an inspiring sermon from Pastor Mike.

pastor’s Pop Quiz – Question 8

The book of Daniel is full of twists and turns. There’s more going on than hungry lions and the fiery furnace.

Sermon: Seeing God

We show our love for God by loving others. It’s that simple.

Pastor’s Pop Quiz – Question 7

How much do you really know about who chose the books in your Bible?

King Charlemagne loved books so much we got the word for “library” and “bible” from him.

3D Printed Masks for COVID-19

Charlie Guest and his wife, Jeani, teamed up with local pastor Matt Davis to create face masks using a 3D printer. The printing process is explained in this short video. Davis explains his search for a way to help first responders and his congregation:

A reusable face mask can be printed in 4 to 5 hours.

Backpacking on Hold

The Youth Backpacking Trip has been postponed. Not canceled — just postponed. A planned trek in the Gila Wilderness will take place after the state of New Mexico lifts travel restrictions put into place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hikers on trail

Mother’s Day Worship

Celebrate Mother’s Day in song, story and pictures.

Chapter and Verse

There’s got to be a better way to study the Bible! Believe it or not that was a common complaint in the 12th century. One clever scholar came up with a great idea — divide it into chapters!

SERMON: Shepherd Sunday

A good shepherd keeps you safe when you walk on an unknown path.

Sermon: The Body of Christ

How do you help the world in a pandemic? Be the Body of Christ. Hold on to each other.