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Great News: Great Joy!

Jeani Guest delivers our sermon on Sunday, December 11, 2022, entitled “Great News: Great Joy!” Hear the audio below, or scroll down to read the transcript. Automated Transcript Below:————————————————Today’s scripture reading is from the letter that Paul wrote to the Galatians (chapter 5, verses… Continue Reading “Great News: Great Joy!”

Does Not Wisdom Call

It’s hard to discuss difficult issues in a Christ-like manner. We can all say things that aren’t from Christ and insist that they are. The Holy Spirit will guide us in truth.

Pastor’s Pop Quiz – Question 3

Pastor’s Pop Quiz Question 3:  What was the first English translation of the Bible?

Pastor’s Pop Quiz – Question 2

Question 2: Is the King James Bible the BEST translation of the Bible available? Pastor Mike answers in this short video and explains things you probably never knew about the history of the beloved King James Bible.