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What do you do with all the crazy in your life? Join us Sunday at 10 in the sanctuary or Wednesday at noon online for an amazing story of healing and hope.

What’s your vision?

God’s vision is so much bigger than ours. Amazing things happen when we listen and follow God’s vision for our lives.

Needle and thread

Tabitha sewed beautiful clothes for her friends by hand, but that wasn’t her greatest gift. Hear the surprising end of her story when Pastor Tommy Earl stitches it together this morning at 10 in the sanctuary or online Wednesday at noon.

Easter changes everything!

Resurrection changed everything for the people who knew Jesus. And it still changes everything for us today. Hope lives!

Maundy Thursday

You are invited to attend our Maundy Thursday service tonight at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary. This stirring time of worship will focus on the mandate Christ gave his disciples as we prepare for the events that unfold leading to Easter morning. Communion will… Continue Reading “Maundy Thursday”

Lost and Found

It’s easy to get lost in life, but our heavenly Father always welcomes us back home. Stay close to your Father and be gracious to those who are lost.

Under the Wings

Don’t run away from trouble. Run toward God’s will for your life and seek shelter under the wings of a loving God.

An Opportune Time

We’ve all been tempted. We’ve all made mistakes. Our challenge is to love each other and move forward in grace.

Seeing the Glory

Every blessing and every mountaintop experience in your life is a chance to see God’s glory revealed through Jesus Christ.

Why does Lent begin with ashes?

Discover the history and traditions of Ash Wednesday, as well as how you can participate in this holy day of repentance. Join us March 2 at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary for a moving and memorable worship experience.