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Favorite Memories

Longtime members share some of their favorite memories of Tennison and why it so important in their lives.

Purpose Driven Church

Bishop Scott Jones of the Texas Annual Conference congratulates Tennison Memorial UMC on 175 years of faithful service to Christ and the community.

Counting the Cost

A commitment to Jesus should be taken very seriously. It may prove to be costly in ways you didn’t expect.

Cracked Cisterns

Is your life full of God’s living water or leaking out through the cracks? It’s easy to get off track and worship the wrong things. We all do it.

Yielding Wild Grapes

Let your life produce fruit like a well-tended vineyard.

Learn to Do Good

You can be great at showing up on Sunday, but still fall short of who God calls you to be. Learn to do good.

The Lord Needs It

God is talking to you, so better listen up! There’s probably something he needs you to do today.

Filled with the Fragrance

Mary’s gift to Jesus filled the room with the fragrance of costly perfume. Are you giving extravagant gifts of love to God? A true gift is offered freely with no strings attached.

The First Fruits

Give your best to God. Give your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service and your witness.

Varieties of Gifts

Let’s use our unique, God-given gifts to show the world that love never ends.