Tag: trust

Does Not Wisdom Call

It’s hard to discuss difficult issues in a Christ-like manner. We can all say things that aren’t from Christ and insist that they are. The Holy Spirit will guide us in truth.

Overcoming Babel

Look. Listen. Trust. God is at work in your life with fire from the Holy Spirit.

Disturbing the City

Being a disciple is tough. Difficult days and evil are at hand. But, God is always there right beside you.

What’s your vision?

God’s vision is so much bigger than ours. Amazing things happen when we listen and follow God’s vision for our lives.

Get up!

God is calling us to be witnesses. Listen. Pray. Then, get up and tell someone the good news that Jesus Christ is in your life and your faith is alive.

Needle and thread

Tabitha sewed beautiful clothes for her friends by hand, but that wasn’t her greatest gift. Hear the surprising end of her story when Pastor Tommy Earl stitches it together this morning at 10 in the sanctuary or online Wednesday at noon.

Who are you, Lord?

Get to know Jesus and he’ll help you change your life. He changed mine.

Under the Wings

Don’t run away from trouble. Run toward God’s will for your life and seek shelter under the wings of a loving God.

Raised in Glory

Pastor Tommy Earl Burton uses the lowly pinto bean to teach how God can transform your life.

Hold Firmly

God loves us. He wants us to be in love with him. Hold firmly to your faith in the one who loves you.