Tag: trust

Band of Puzzlers

Be prepared for the unexpected ways God will answer your questions.

Out on a Limb

When you find yourself out on a limb, stop right where you are. Turn around slowly and you’ll come face to face with Jesus.

Poured Out

You’ve been called to fight the good fight. Keep faithful to your calling. Even in your worst moments when you feel completely poured out God is still with you.

Itching Ears

We all wander away from what God wants us to be. We get distracted and listen to what the world whispers in our ears.

Counting the Cost

A commitment to Jesus should be taken very seriously. It may prove to be costly in ways you didn’t expect.

I Knew You

Nobody knows you inside and out better than God. To find out God’s purpose for your life, all you have to do is listen.

Yielding Wild Grapes

Let your life produce fruit like a well-tended vineyard.

Cords of Kindness

God loves us even when we rebel. Grace from God can change even a hate-filled heart.

Living in a Bitter Day

God showed me a basket of summer fruit. Luscious and juicy? Far from it.

What Do You See?

It’s easy to see what’s going wrong with the world. But, God has blessings in store for you if you can see them.