Category: Outreach

Wesley Foundation Fundraiser

A lovely Wesley Foundation fundraiser was held on May 18th, 2023. Tennison has a long history of supporting the Wesley Center at NTCC, which is a free respite center available to the public on campus. The Wesley Center provides a safe place to study… Continue Reading “Wesley Foundation Fundraiser”

Mendelssohn and Mistletoe

Enjoy a free Christmas concert in our sanctuary on Saturday, Dec., 10 at 6 p.m. The Mt. Pleasant Chamber Orchestra will join a community choir in a special performance. The audience will be invited to sing a selection of favorite Christmas songs. Come share… Continue Reading “Mendelssohn and Mistletoe”

Favorite Memories

Longtime members share some of their favorite memories of Tennison and why it so important in their lives.

Purpose Driven Church

Bishop Scott Jones of the Texas Annual Conference congratulates Tennison Memorial UMC on 175 years of faithful service to Christ and the community.

The Prayer of Faith

God has not abandoned you. God never fails to heal. He is with you through every pain and every situation.

Band of Puzzlers

Be prepared for the unexpected ways God will answer your questions.

Out on a Limb

When you find yourself out on a limb, stop right where you are. Turn around slowly and you’ll come face to face with Jesus.

Poured Out

You’ve been called to fight the good fight. Keep faithful to your calling. Even in your worst moments when you feel completely poured out God is still with you.

Itching Ears

We all wander away from what God wants us to be. We get distracted and listen to what the world whispers in our ears.

Present Yourself to God

Paul cautions Timothy to think carefully about how he presents himself to God. He tells him, God is watching all the time, so make Him proud of what you do and say.